Feliway 48 ml REFILL Only for Diffuser Plug-in Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief

Feliway 48 ml REFILL Only for Diffuser Plug-in Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief


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CEVA Feliway 48 ml REFILL Only for Diffuser Plug-in Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief


Feliway Diffuser offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress related behaviors in your cat such as


Urine spraying and vertical scratching

Stress in mulit cat households

to comfort cats in difficult situations such as 


Moving house, vacations, boarding

Remodeling, renovation

New arrival (a new baby, new pet)

Noisy environment 



Feliway is a pheromone behavior treatment and relieves stress in cats by simulating naturally occurring pheromones that calm and reassure them in stressful situations. Feliway mimics a natural comforting facial pheromone produced by cats. Reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including: urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite and adjusting to a new environment. Does not affect humans or other pets. Vial lasts approximately 4 weeks.

Much like a plug-in deodorizer, the Feliway Diffuser emits a synthetic cop of your cat’s natural facial pheromone, used by felines to mark their territory as someplace safe and secure. Oil vapor carrying the pheromone will rise in a column of warm air above the Diffuser and prevent your kitty from urinating to mark its territory. Using pheromonatherapy to help sooth your pet is a new field in veterinary medicine. This scent in a room will help reassure your cat while it copes with a challenging new situation.

Prevent Scratching and Urine Marking


Urine Marking: Spraying urine on walls, furniture, and other vertical surfaces





Scratching: Scratch marking on walls, furniture, and other vertical surfaces


Stimulates your cat’s natural pheromones to help your pet cope with stress

Reduces stress related to travel, new home, new pets etc.

Clinically proven to end urine marking within 30 days with a 95% success rate 

Previously available only through veterinarians

Refill only – Diffuser not included



New in Packaging




What’s in the box?


48 ml Refill Bottle for OLD STYLE ROUND Feliway Diffuser 




Composition / Ingredients:


Feline facial pheromone.(F3) analog………  2%

isoparaffinic hydrocarbon to……………………… 48 ml

Covers approximately up to 700 square feet (65 m²)

Each vial lasts up to 30 days. 











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