gosmartware - Foot Massage Machine 360° Air Presser Foot With Diamond-Shaped Control
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Foot Massage Machine 360° Air Presser Foot With Diamond-Shaped Control
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Foot Massage Machine 360° Air Presser Foot With Diamond-Shaped Control

The Gosmartware FOOT Massage Machine has a unique diamond-shaped control panel that allows you to massage your feet with precision and speed. The machine is great for people who have trouble getting their feet massaged correctly because it ensures that every area of the foot is treated. With the 360° air presser, you can get a good, deep massage without having to worry about pressure or using too much force. The machine also comes with a soft and comfortable footrest for added comfort.


-Material: Plastic

-Digital display

-Color: Silver

-Power Supply: 220V 60Hz

-Power Consumption: 50W

-Time: 5-30 Minutes

-Dimensions: (18.31 x 10.23 x 15.94)" / (46.5 x 26 x 40.5)cm (L x W x H)

-Weight: 8.6lb / 3.9Kg

Package includes:

-1 x Foot massage machine

-1 x Remote Control

-1 x User Manual


  • Independent control function: All massage functions (rolling massage, compressed air, and heating functions) can be independently controlled by this electric foot massager, a flexible massage combination, this foot massager is ergonomically designed and comfortable to embrace The feet are suitable for different shapes of human feet.
  • Foot Massage & Full Body Relaxation: Based on foot massage, this acupressure foot massager cares for your feet through deep rolling massage, imitating professional finger pressing actions to reduce stiffness and restore flexibility, which is also effective in stimulating the only one Stress points, restore body balance to obtain a more natural state of health.
  • Removable breathable cover: The soft foot cloth cover helps buffer unnecessary friction, makes the massage experience smoother, and can be moved and cleaned to share this multifunctional massager with others, making it more hygienic for family and friends, More peace of mind, no need to worry about unpleasant smells.


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