Graphite Ingot Melting Casting Refining Scrap Combo Mold For Gold Bar Round Coin

Graphite Ingot Melting Casting Refining Scrap Combo Mold For Gold Bar Round Coin


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For gold and silver bullion melted forming a sheet to be used as a graphite crucible melting non-ferrous metals.

Test analysis, as the ingot molds and other purposes



#1(Gold and silver, Five holes)

Bulk density ≥1.82 g/cm3

Electric resistivity ≥9 μ Ω m

Bending strength ≥45 Mpa

Resist compression ≥65 Mpa

Ash ≤0.1 %

Particle ≤43 um(0.043 mm)

Material: Molded of high-purity graphite

Size: 7.2 x5.7 x 1.2cm(L x W x H)


#2 (Gold and silver,Three holes)

Material: Molded of high-purity graphite


Carton: 57x42x11.5mm

Inner Box 1: 7.9 * 20.6 * 4.1mm (molten silver 0.25oz)

Inner box 2: 10.5 * 29.5 * 4.1mm (molten silver 0.5oz)

Inner box 3: 13.0 * 35.8 * 4.1mm (molten silver 1oz)

(Size of the error + -0.1mm)



∙ Well thermal stability : according to the using conditions of graphite crucible snap heat and cold;

∙ Well corrosion resistance, impact resistance performance, to ensure the reliability of product quality;

∙ Well resistance to strong acid, strong alkali;

∙ Good heat transfer performance of graphite crucible: for greatly shorten the melting time and save energy;

∙ Ash content less than 0.1% , to ensure the precious metals in smelting is not contaminated;

∙ In high-temperature using process, it got small thermal expansion coefficient;

∙ And certain strain resistance to the thermal shock, quenching;

∙ Long service life.



∙ Graphite crucible is generally used in alloy tool steel smelting and smelting of nonferrous metals and their alloys.

∙ Graphite crucible can be used in the processing of graphite, graphite crucible, graphite casting crucible tank,pull rods, mold and other graphite products.

∙ Graphite crucible let the products are more durable than ordinary material products,longer service life, able to withstand more than 2000 ℃ high temperature


Using Tips:

∙ Stored in dry place, do not get it wet

∙ after drying the crucible , don’t make it touch with water.

∙ Be careful not to give a mechanical impact force, not from a fall or impact.


Package Included:

1x Stone cartridges



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#1(Gold and silver, Five holes), #2 (Gold and silver, Three holes)




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