LARGE Pond Aerator System w/100′ WTD Hose-Weighted Diffuser NEW 1/2hp 3.9cfm


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DIYPONDPRO Large Pond “air diffusion” type Aerator System. YOU WILL ADD OXYGEN & CIRCULATE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER from bottom of your pond to the top for drastically improved water Quality!

FOR LARGE and/or DEEP LAKES & PONDS UP to: 1/2 to 3-4+ acre in size & up to 35 feet deep!

If your pond is larger you can add another compressor or more diffusers to aerate lakes and ponds from 1 acre up to any size.

This auction Includes:

* ONE: NEW Rocking Piston, 115 volt AC 60hz industrial & “Continuous Duty” aeration pump with flow of: 3+ CFM 70 + PSI with a 1 year warranty. Amp draw is favorable at approx 3.5 to 4amps depending on depth of your pond. Compressor comes with only 1 intake port and 1 outlet exhaust port. Ready to Hard wire into a junction box, attach a plug to, or splice onto a power cord – Easily accomplished with common household tools.  

*100 ft of durable – yet flexible & easy to work with black Self-Weighted aeration hose. (You will REALLY appreciate flexibility of this hose if you’ve ever worked with polyethylene or other similar, much stiffer hoses on the market) weighing approx 22 pounds per 100ft! ……………..!

*ONE:  Quick Sink, self weighted 10″ membrane air diffuser assemblies are designed to be placed at the bottom of a pond or lake. The self-weighted design eliminates the need for gravel and reduces installation time. The Quick Sink diffuser assembly features round rubber (EPDM) membrane diffusers with thousands of holes which produce small air bubbles when supplied with air from an onshore compressor. These bubbles rise to the surface and create circulation that helps de-stratify and aerate the water body.  

Comes with all necessary clamps and instructions.

  1. Fine bubble diffusers for maximum lift and oxygen transfer efficiency
  2. Low maintenance rubber membrane diffusers in single or double configuration
  3. Self weighted, powder coated steel base
  4. Strain relief hardware for fast and secure installation
  5. Low head pressure loss
  6. Inlet air fittings (included) accepts 3/8″, 1/2″ or 5/8″ tubing
  7. Unique barbed fittings with built in check valves to keep water out of tubing
  8. 3/4″ mpt inlet on diffuser head
  9. Stainless steel hose clams and strain relief hardware
  10. Designed for fresh water applications
  11. Diffuser carries a Five year warranty
  12. *ONE: Inlet air filter for the pump!

We are one of the largest stocking retailers of aeration accessories in the USA! Your order will be processed and shipped F A S T with us! We stock ALL items that we sell – so, you won’t hear about: “backorders” OR “to wait for some items to ship separately”, etc with us!

NOTE – ITEMS SHIP Separately – expect multiple packages!

Selling superior pond equipment at great prices for over 15 years! Many customers comment that our prices for complete aerator sytems are less than what most other retailers are selling, for JUST THE PUMP! OR that our prices rival what others charge for “Rebuilt” or “Remanufactured” units!……………how do we do it????………….we “BUY RIGHT” and SO CAN YOU with us!

 Air diffusion aeration systems will circulate thousands of gallons of water and add oxygen from the bottom of your pond to the top!

This kit comes with 1 compressor with all attachments –  1 NEW Filter to keep debris out of the pump and aeration tubing ( easily replaced yearly for $26+ ** which we sell as well) Comes with all clamps, elbows, attachments already attached – simply attach the aeration tube to the pump and the other end to the diffuser with the provided clamps – Hard wire it into a junction box or splice onto a cord and you have begun the process to a healthy cleaner pond!!

If you need more aeration tube or more diffuser tubing, we have it available – check our store or email us – All cheaper than anyone else. 

The compressor will need to be mounted away from any source of water – these are not submersible which keeps any contaminants out of your lake or pond. They are completely oil and maintenance free!

WE also have brand new locking metal cabinets in our store as well!!

We have thousands of these available – thousands of parts available – rebuild kits, clamps, filters, elbows, self-sink tubing in 50,100,150,200,300 + lengths, diffuser tubing in O-ring style, or stick style – need 1 more or 100 more we have them in stock, we have just the compressor available if you don’t want to rebuild and want to replace – we have them in stock!!


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