LSMIITTH 6KG Gas Melting Furnace Propane Forge Copper Gold Silver Casting Tool

LSMIITTH 6KG Gas Melting Furnace Propane Forge Copper Gold Silver Casting Tool


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Gas Metal Melting Furnace is used to melt brass, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin and other metals with melting points below 1450 ° C(2642° F). Suitable for most fuels, liquefied gas,LPG, natural gas, propane, etc.

Package includes all of items in my 1st photo,including crucible,casting mold, tongs ,gloves,fire brick,instruction manual.

1. Furnace body is made of stainless steel( 1mm thick), no need painting, highly resistant to corrosion, superior strength and durability; Can bear the weight of one adult.

2. Single gas burner is made of stainless steel,around 100,000 BTU ;

3. Outside Dimensions :10″ diameter x 12″Height (25cm x 30cm) ;

4. Inner Dimensions: 8″ diameter x 7.6″Height (20cm x 19cm);

5. Adjustable high pressure gas regulator from 0–30 psi , 5 ft (1.5m) long hose,USA certificated;

6. Crucible can load 6 kg brass or 2 kg aluminum or 7 kg silver;

7. Graphite casting Mold: 113 ML capacity, size is 125*60*40 mm, can melt 2 kg gold, 1.2 kg silver, 1kg copper.

8. Furnace body is fully lined with 1 inch of ceramic fiber insulation and lid is fully lined with 2 inch of ceramic fiber insulation. Furnace floor lined with 3 inch of ceramic insulation and firebrick .You only need a propane gas bottle/tank ( like 20,30 or 50 LB ).

Our special advantage:

 1. Furnace body is made of stainless steel ( 1mm thick) ,easy to clean,highly resistant to corrosion, lightweight and strong enough for a people to stand on the body, see my Ebay photo. superior strength and durability. Other seller’s black oil painting is easily burnt or discolour in long time using.

2. Many other seller’s burner head may be melted damaged after long time using in high teperature flame ,so you had to change the whole burner. But our bell shape burner head can be changed because it is connected by thread, you can buy replacement in local shop cheap and easily .

Kind remind:

1. Do not use it to melt iron, that will shorten the life of the furnace.

2. Graphite crucible is consumable, you can change a new one according to your requirement.

3. Use safety goggles, mask as well as gloves while casting metals.

4. The ceramic insulation blanket is not asbestos . Asbestos has been forbidden many years ago.

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