NEW Lake & Fish Pond Aerator System w/100′ Sink Hose 36″ Diffuser NEW 1/2hp PUMP

NEW Lake & Fish Pond Aerator System w/100′ Sink Hose 36″ Diffuser NEW 1/2hp PUMP


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This kit comes with a brand new PUMP – NEW 100′ Sink Tube – and 36″ Self Sinking Diffuser!

***Special  SUPER BUY !!!!–   *** Here’s your chance to $AVE even more than our already low, low pricing on TOP QUALITY Pond PROUDCTS!!! 

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DIYPONDPRO Large Pond “air diffusion” type Aerator System. YOU WILL ADD OXYGEN & CIRCULATE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER from bottom of your pond to the top for drastically improved water Quality!

FOR LARGE and/or DEEP LAKES & PONDS UP to: 1/3 to 3+ acre in size & up to 35 feet deep!

If your pond is larger you can add another compressor or more diffusers to aerate lakes and ponds from 1 acre up to any size.

This auction Includes:

* ONE: 400watt, 115 volt AC 60hz NEW industrial & “Continuous Duty” aeration pump with flow of 3+ CFM at up to 70+ psi. Amp draw is favorable at approx 3.5 to 4amps depending on depth of your pond. Compressor comes with only 1 intake port ( filter ) and 1 outlet exhaust port. Compressor comes with fan guards, filter, and capacitor. All brand new with a 2 year warranty.

NOTE ** PUMP Must be protected from the elements!! You can build your own enclosure, mount it inside a building, or purchase one of our NEW enclosures in our store ( prices range from $150-$500 depending on material, fans, mounting options, etc.) 

*Thirty Six Inch DIFFUSER  RING TYPE” DIFFUSERS for efficient oxygen transfer & water mixing lift. You simply attach to the included hose & drop into the desired location of your pond! 

Diffuser tube is 36″ LONG when straight – wrapped around the base it comes out to about a 14″ Diameter.

*ONE: Inlet air filter for the pump!

100′ OF Self Sink weighted aeration Tube!!!

We are one of the largest stocking retailers of aeration accessories in the USA! Your order will be processed and shipped F A S T with us! We stock ALL items that we sell – so, you won’t hear about : “backorders” OR “to wait for some items to ship separately”, etc with us!

Selling superior pond equipment at great prices for over 15 years! Many customers comment that our prices for complete aerator sytems are less than what most other retailers are selling.

Complete Aeration System: Benefit from the powerful effects of aeration on your pond!

  1. Completely American-Made! Be proud to support quality American products with USA-Based support and warranty.
  2. Powerful 1/2hp Rocking Piston Compressor can easily aerate ponds up to 1 Acre and 50′ deep. At 3+ CFM of air, your pond health will improve drastically.
  3. Includes an industry leading diffuser, utilizing 36″ of aeration tubing instead of old-fashioned membrane diffusers. Greater flow rates, much lower back-pressure, and reduced system wear than any other brand of diffuser on the market. LIFETIME WARRANTY for this diffuser!
  4. Includes a filter/silencer on the compressor, rubber isolation mounts, a 3/8″ brass barb fitting, and 100′ of 3/8″ self-weighted hose in addition to the compressor and diffuser.
  5. MOST of these items will ship separately EXPECT Multiple Packages – all should arrive on or around the same day. 

These can last up to 25,000 hours before next rebuild is needed which is field repairable ($26+ kit we sell) **** We also have brand new PUMPS in our store****

If you need more aeration tube or more diffuser tubing we have it available – check our store or email us – All cheaper than anyone else. We stock all items we sell and ship all items the same day or day after except weekends and holidays – we are a business and in a business location – you can pick an item up from us if you are in the area! 9-5 CT.

We do not leave feedback until it is left for us – please leave positive 5 star feedback and if you are not satisfied for any reason please let us know so we can attempt to correct any problems you may have.

We have thousands of these available – thousands of parts available – rebuild kits, clamps, filters, self sink tubing in 50,100,150,200,300 + lengths, diffuser tubing in O-ring style, or stick style – need 1 more or 100 more we have them in stock, we just the compressor available if you dont want to rebuild and want to replace – we have them in stock!!

Shipping is Ground via UPS or FedEx and will normally arrive in under 5 days.


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