12′ x 10′ x 7′ Greenhouse Large Portable Walk-in Hot Plant Gardening

12′ x 10′ x 7′ Greenhouse Large Portable Walk-in Hot Plant Gardening


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Introducing the 12′ x 10′ x 7′ Greenhouse, your go-to solution for cultivating a thriving and healthy garden in a controlled environment. This large, portable walk-in greenhouse is designed to provide the essential protection your plants need to thrive, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out on your green thumb journey.


  • Color: Green
  • Material: Galvanized Steel Frame, 140 g/m² PE Cover
  • Overall Dimensions: 11.4′ L x 9.8′ W x 6.8′ H
  • Window Dimensions: 17.75″ L x 14.5″ L
  • Door Dimensions: 67″ L x 61.5″ H

Package includes:

  • 4 x guy ropes 
  • 4 x ground stakes

A Garden Oasis:

Imagine having a garden oasis right in your backyard, where you can nurture your plants and watch them flourish. The 12′ x 10′ x 7′ Greenhouse offers the perfect setting for your gardening adventures, creating an environment where your plants can thrive year-round.

Temperature-Optimized Growing:

The key to successful gardening is maintaining the ideal temperature for your plants, and this greenhouse has you covered. The greenhouse cover is engineered to keep your crops at the perfect temperature by trapping heat and regulating humidity. This means you can grow a wide range of plants, from delicate flowers to robust vegetables, with ease and confidence.

Built to Last with Sturdy Construction:

Your investment in gardening deserves a reliable and durable greenhouse. The 12′ x 10′ x 7′ Greenhouse features a robust powder-coated steel tube frame that provides exceptional stability and support. This sturdy construction ensures that your greenhouse can withstand various weather conditions and remain standing for years to come.

Convenient Access with Zippered Door:

Accessing your greenhouse is a breeze thanks to the zippered door. This well-designed feature allows you to maintain a sealed environment inside the greenhouse while providing you with easy access to tend to your plants. It’s a practical solution that simplifies your gardening routine.

Versatile Use for All Your Gardening Needs:

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, this greenhouse caters to all skill levels. It’s the perfect space for nurturing seedlings, growing vegetables, cultivating flowers, or experimenting with exotic plants. With a greenhouse at your disposal, your gardening possibilities are endless.

Easy Assembly with Clear Instructions:

Setting up your greenhouse is a straightforward process. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow, ensuring that you can assemble your greenhouse with minimal hassle. You’ll have your gardening haven ready in no time.

Durable and Well-Ventilated Cover:

The greenhouse cover is crafted from tear-resistant and well-ventilated PE plastic. This material is not only robust but also allows for proper air circulation, creating a healthy environment for your plants to thrive. Your plants will receive the optimal balance of sunlight and fresh air.

In conclusion, the 12′ x 10′ x 7′ Greenhouse is your ticket to gardening success. With its temperature-optimized environment, sturdy construction, and convenient features, it provides the ideal space for cultivating a wide variety of plants. Whether you’re a dedicated gardener or a hobbyist, this greenhouse ensures that your greenery thrives and flourishes, all year round. Elevate your gardening experience and watch your plants thrive in the controlled environment of this spacious greenhouse.


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