18-Inch Circle Wall Mirror Framed Metal Mirror for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, and Entryway


A well-placed mirror can do wonders for your home’s ambiance, making it feel more spacious, bright, and stylish. The 18-Inch Circle Wall Mirror is the perfect addition to your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or entryway. Its minimalist design, premium materials, and versatile size make it a standout choice. Let’s explore the features that make this mirror a wonderful addition to your home:


  • Feature: Round Mirror.
  • Diameter: 18-inch.
  • Mirror Material: Glass & Silver.
  • Decor Type: Framed Circle Mirror.
  • Decor Style: Modern/Minimalism/Farmhouse.
  • Frame Material: Metal.
  • Frame Color: Black.
  • Frame Thick: 1.4 inches.
  • Mount Type: Wall Mount.

Package includes:

  • 18-inch Circle Mirror
  • Mounting Hardware.

Minimalistic Elegance

This round mirror effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with timeless simplicity. The deep inset of the glass creates a captivating focal point, while the matte black finish of the frame adds a touch of contemporary sophistication. The result is a mirror that seamlessly complements any style of decor, from modern and minimalist to industrial and classic. Its soft, contemporary feel makes it an ideal choice for those looking to infuse personality and character into their space.

Premium Materials for Exceptional Clarity

The quality of a mirror is essential, and this mirror does not disappoint. Crafted with 1/4-inch thick top-grade glass and a pure silver backing, it provides exceptional clarity and reflection. You can always count on this mirror to deliver a clear and flawless image, making it perfect for all your reflection needs. Whether it’s for your morning routine, as a decorative accent, or simply to brighten your space, this mirror excels in its role.

Ample Size for Impact

Measuring 18 inches in diameter, this mirror strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Its size is generous enough to make a significant visual impact, helping to open up and brighten your room. By reflecting light and creating the illusion of space, this mirror can transform even the coziest of spaces, making them appear larger and more inviting. Whether you choose to place it in the bathroom, entryway, living room, or bedroom, it will undoubtedly become a focal point that enhances the entire area.

Sturdy and Durable Metal Frame

The mirror is encased in a rust-proof metal round frame that not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures its stability and longevity. The edges and backing of the mirror are expertly wrapped, providing additional support and protection. You can trust that this mirror will remain sturdy and reliable, serving as a stylish addition to your space for years to come.

Hassle-Free Installation

Your convenience is a priority, and that’s why this mirror comes with all the necessary hardware, including matched screws and a pre-installed metal hook. Whether you choose to hang it horizontally or vertically, you’ll appreciate the straightforward and hassle-free installation process.

In conclusion, the 18-Inch Circle Wall Mirror is more than just a reflective surface; it’s a design statement that elevates the aesthetics of your home. Its minimalist decor, premium materials, impactful size, and durable construction make it a top choice for various spaces in your home. Experience the transformation as this mirror not only reflects your image but also enhances the ambiance and visual appeal of your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or entryway. Elevate your space with this sleek and versatile round mirror, and enjoy the timeless elegance it brings to your home.


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