20inch Gas Chainsaw 58cc Wood Cutting Crankcase Gasoline Chain Saw

20inch Gas Chainsaw 58cc Wood Cutting Crankcase Gasoline Chain Saw


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When it comes to tackling challenging woodcutting tasks, the 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw 58cc Wood Cutting Crankcase Gasoline Chain Saw is your reliable companion. Whether you’re a professional woodcutter or a homeowner looking to manage your property efficiently, this chainsaw is designed to meet your needs. With its powerful engine, versatile functionality, and user-friendly features, you can confidently take on a wide range of cutting tasks.

Package includes:

  • 1X Gas Chainsaw
  • 1X Accessory


  • Ignition System    CDI
  • Oil Tank Capacity    260ml
  • Fuel Tank Capacity    550ml
  • Engine Displacement    52cc
  • Lubrication Guide: diaphragm
  • Guide Bar Type:    sprocket nose
  • Maximum Engine Power    2kw/8500rpm
  • Maximum Cutting Length Guide Bar Size: 20″
  • Deal Time within 1 day

A Multifunctional Cutting Tool:

One of the standout features of this gas chainsaw is its versatility. It’s not limited to just cutting wood; it can also handle tasks like sawing bamboo, garden pruning, and even artistic root carving. This multifunctionality makes it an excellent choice for those who have a variety of cutting needs on their property.

Anti-Vibration System for Comfort:

Comfort matters, especially during long cutting sessions. This chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration system, which helps reduce the strain on your arms and hands. This feature ensures that you can work comfortably for extended periods without experiencing excessive fatigue.

Automatic Oil Pump and Lubrication:

Proper lubrication is crucial for the longevity and performance of your chainsaw. With an automatic oil pump and lubrication system, this chainsaw takes care of this aspect for you. You can focus on cutting, knowing that the chain is well-lubricated for smooth operation.

Engine Clean Air Intake System:

The engine’s performance relies on a clean air supply. This chainsaw features an engine clean air intake system that helps ensure the engine breathes fresh, clean air. This contributes to the chainsaw’s efficiency and longevity, reducing the likelihood of performance issues caused by dust and debris.

Best Suited for Home and Small Contractors:

Whether you’re a homeowner or a small contractor, this chainsaw is well-suited for your needs. Its power and versatility make it an excellent choice for maintaining your property, taking on DIY projects, or handling small-scale contracting work.

Easy Assembly with Detailed Instructions:

Worried about assembling your new chainsaw? Don’t be. This chainsaw comes with detailed instructions that make the assembly process straightforward. You’ll be up and running in no time, ready to tackle your cutting tasks with confidence.

Combination Damper/Switch Structure:

Safety is a top priority when operating any chainsaw. The combination damper/switch structure on this chainsaw enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidental starts. This feature adds an extra layer of protection when you’re not actively using the chainsaw.

In conclusion, the 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw 58cc Wood Cutting Crankcase Gasoline Chain Saw is a versatile and powerful tool for all your cutting needs. Its multifunctional capabilities, anti-vibration system, automatic lubrication, clean air intake system, and user-friendly assembly make it a practical choice for homeowners and small contractors alike. With proper maintenance and safety precautions, you can confidently take on a variety of cutting tasks with this efficient and reliable chainsaw. So, whether you’re managing your property or taking on DIY projects, let this chainsaw be your trusted cutting companion.


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