2in1 5x Magnifying Lamp w/ Facial Steamer Hot Ozone Salon Skin Care

2in1 5x Magnifying Lamp w/ Facial Steamer Hot Ozone Salon Skin Care


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In the world of beauty and skincare, attention to detail is paramount. Salon professionals strive to provide the best possible experience for their clients, and one essential tool that can make a significant difference is the 2in1 5x Magnifying Lamp with Facial Steamer Hot Ozone. This versatile device combines advanced magnification and skincare technology to enhance the quality of skin analysis and treatments. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits that make this salon skincare essential a game-changer.


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Item Type: Ionic Spraying Machine
  • Material: ABS
  • Power: 750W
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Water Tank Capacity: 750ml
  • Optional Plug: US Plug, UK Plug, EU Plug
  • Optional Voltage: 110V, 220V

Package includes:

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 1 x Spray Pipe
  • 1 x Connecting Pipe
  • 6 x Base Connector

The Art of Detail-Oriented Skincare

  1. Super Clear Magnification: The heart of the 2in1 Magnifying Lamp is its high-quality 5x magnifying lens. This lens offers exceptional clarity, allowing salon professionals to scrutinize their clients’ skin with precision. Every detail becomes visible, from pores to fine lines, enabling accurate assessments and personalized treatment plans.
  2. LED Illumination: Illumination is key to any magnifying lamp, and this device features a super clear LED light. The bright, cool lighting ensures optimal visibility without causing discomfort to the client. It replicates natural daylight conditions, making it ideal for thorough skin examinations.
  3. Flexible Design: The 2in1 Magnifying Lamp is designed for convenience and versatility. It comes with a table fixing clamp that allows for easy attachment to various surfaces within your salon. This flexibility ensures that you can position the lamp exactly where you need it, making it suitable for a range of treatments and procedures.

Revolutionary Facial Steamer with Hot Ozone

  1. Facial Steaming: The inclusion of a facial steamer is a game-changer for skincare treatments. The gentle steam helps to open pores, soften the skin, and prepare it for various procedures, such as extractions and mask applications. It creates a spa-like experience that clients will appreciate.
  2. Hot Ozone Function: What sets this facial steamer apart is its hot ozone function. Ozone, a form of activated oxygen, offers powerful cleansing and purifying properties. When combined with steam, it helps to detoxify the skin, remove impurities, and enhance the overall effectiveness of skincare treatments.
  3. Adjustable Nozzle: The adjustable nozzle allows you to direct the steam precisely where it’s needed. This level of control ensures that your clients receive a customized and comfortable experience during their skincare treatments.

Perfect for Beauty Salons and Beyond

The 2in1 5x Magnifying Lamp with Facial Steamer Hot Ozone is an indispensable tool for beauty salons, but its benefits extend beyond the salon environment:

  • Spa and Wellness Centers: Enhance your spa treatments with the precision of magnified skin analysis and the luxury of facial steaming. Clients will leave feeling rejuvenated and pampered.
  • Dermatology Clinics: Dermatologists can benefit from the advanced magnification and skincare preparation offered by this device. It’s ideal for evaluating skin conditions and planning treatments.
  • Esthetician Studios: Independent estheticians will appreciate the versatility and portability of this combination tool. It’s perfect for on-the-go skincare professionals.

Elevate Your Skincare Services

In the world of skincare, precision and preparation are essential. The 2in1 5x Magnifying Lamp with Facial Steamer Hot Ozone elevates your skincare services to new heights. It empowers you to provide clients with detailed assessments, customized treatments, and a spa-like experience that leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Invest in this versatile skincare essential and take your salon, spa, or skincare practice to the next level. It’s the perfect tool for those who understand that beauty is in the details.


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