2Pcs C Shaped Sofa Side End Tables Under Sofa Coffee Tray Living Room


When it comes to furnishing your living room, finding the perfect blend of style and functionality is key. The 2Pcs C-Shaped Sofa Side End Tables offer an elegant and practical solution for your living room decor. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of these versatile and stylish tables.


  • Item Width: 8.3’’
  • Time Period Manufactured: 21st Century (2000-now)    
  • Bundle Description: None
  • Item Length: 12’’    
  • Item Height: 20.9’’
  • Maximum Length: 20.87″    
  • Tabletop Thickness:  0.35”
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China    
  • Material: Wood
  • Number of Drawers: None    
  • Year Manufactured: 2020    
  • Model: C Table    
  • Shape: Rectangular    
  • Packaging: Carton, foam board
  • Item Weight: 8.58LB    
  • Handle Finish: None
  • Assembly Required: Yes    
  • Handle Material: None
  • Finish: Wood Effect    
  • Additional Parts Required: No
  • Required Tools: Screw Driver    
  • Style: Modern    
  • Handle Type: None
  • Color: Brown   

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Instruction
  • 2 x C Shaped End Tables

Stylish Geometric Design:

The 2Pcs C-Shaped Sofa Side End Tables feature a sleek and modern geometric design that instantly elevates the aesthetics of your living room. These tables are not just functional; they also serve as decorative pieces that add a touch of artistry to your home decor. Their unique C-shaped structure combines form and function seamlessly.

Dual-Layered Storage:

One of the standout features of these side tables is their dual-layered design. The open tabletop provides a convenient surface for placing your laptop, tablet, snacks, or beverages. Meanwhile, the shelf below offers additional storage space for keeping documents, books, or decorative items. This two-tiered configuration ensures that you have everything you need within easy reach, making your living room more organized and clutter-free.

Sturdy and Durable Construction:

Durability is a crucial factor when selecting furniture for your home. These C-shaped sofa side tables are built with a sturdy iron structure and feature P2 MDF tabletops. This combination of materials ensures longevity and stability, so you can enjoy these tables for years to come. Whether you use them for daily activities or occasional use, they are designed to withstand the test of time.

Versatile Placement:

These versatile tables are not limited to the living room alone. While they make a perfect addition to your seating area, they can also be used in the bedroom, home office, study, patio, or any other indoor or outdoor space where you need a functional and stylish surface. Their adaptability allows you to experiment with different room layouts and design concepts.

Water-Resistant Finish:

Practicality and ease of maintenance are essential in any piece of furniture. The 2Pcs C-Shaped Sofa Side End Tables feature water-resistant metal and wooden finishes, making them easy to clean and maintain. Spills and stains can be wiped away effortlessly, ensuring that your tables continue to look pristine.

The 2Pcs C-Shaped Sofa Side End Tables offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for your living space. Their geometric design, dual-layered storage, sturdy construction, versatile placement options, and water-resistant finish make them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living room decor. Elevate your interior design with these stylish and practical tables that not only serve as functional surfaces but also add an artistic flair to your home. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy evening with a book or hosting guests, these tables are designed to meet your needs with elegance and ease. Make a statement with your living room furniture by choosing the 2Pcs C-Shaped Sofa Side End Tables.


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