3000000mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charging Portable Battery Charger

3000000mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charging Portable Battery Charger


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In today’s fast-paced world, our reliance on mobile devices and smartphones is greater than ever before. Whether it’s staying connected with loved ones, working remotely, or simply enjoying entertainment on the go, our devices are our lifelines. However, to keep these devices running smoothly, a reliable source of power is essential. That’s where the 3000000mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charging Portable Battery Charger comes into play. With its extraordinary capacity, Qi wireless charging capability, and a myriad of features, this power bank ensures that you never run out of power, no matter where life takes you.

Package includes:

  • 1* Power bank
  • 1* Micro USB Cable


  • Battery capacity:9000000mAh
  • Input current: DC 5V 2.1A
  • USB Output: DC5V 2.1A
  • Wireless output: 5W
  • LED Indicator Light: Yes
  • Wireless Charging Distance: about 2-8mm(2-6mm the best)
  • Multi-Interface: 1 USB port, 1 Micro-USB port, 1 Type-C port
  • Material: ABS shell(Rubberized Finish)
  • Size: 144mm x 72mm x 17mm (approx.)
  • Color: Black | Grey | White

Extraordinary 3000000mAh Capacity

The standout feature of this power bank is its colossal 3000000mAh capacity. This impressive capacity allows you to charge your devices multiple times before needing to recharge the power bank itself. Whether you’re on a weekend camping trip, a long-haul flight, or simply going about your daily activities, you can rest assured that your devices will stay powered up.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad

One of the most convenient features of this power bank is the built-in Qi wireless charging pad. Say goodbye to tangled cables and the hassle of plugging and unplugging your devices. With the Qi wireless charging capability, you can simply place your Qi-enabled device on the pad, and it will begin charging wirelessly. It’s an incredibly efficient and hassle-free way to keep your device charged.

Dual Charging Ports for Versatility

In addition to wireless charging, this power bank is equipped with a USB port, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or any other USB-powered device, you can charge them all with ease. The versatility of this power bank ensures that you can keep all your essential devices powered up, no matter the situation.

LED Battery Indicator

Knowing how much power remains in your power bank is crucial to avoid unexpected disruptions. The LED battery indicator on this power bank provides real-time information about the remaining battery capacity. With a quick glance, you can see whether it’s time to recharge the power bank or if you have enough power to keep your devices running.

Universal Compatibility

The 3000000mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charging Portable Battery Charger is compatible with more than 99% of mobile phones and tablet PCs on the market. Whether you own an iOS or Android device, you can trust that this power bank will seamlessly charge your device. Its broad compatibility ensures that it can be the go-to power source for your entire collection of devices.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

In addition to its immense convenience, this power bank is also environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. By providing a reliable source of power on the go, it reduces the need for disposable batteries and reduces electronic waste. It’s not only a smart choice for your devices but also for the planet.

Perfect for Any Adventure

This power bank is perfect for any outdoor space, whether you’re hiking, camping, traveling, or simply enjoying a day at the beach. Its rugged construction is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, ensuring that it remains a dependable companion wherever your journeys take you.

Experience Uninterrupted Power

In a world where staying connected and having access to our devices is essential, the 3000000mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charging Portable Battery Charger provides a solution that guarantees uninterrupted power. Whether you’re traveling, working remotely, or simply out and about, this power bank ensures that you have the power you need when you need it. Say goodbye to the anxiety of a dying battery and enjoy the freedom of being fully charged at all times. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience unmatched convenience and reliability—get your 3000000mAh Power Bank Qi Wireless Charging Portable Battery Charger today!

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