30Ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel with Breaker Switch & 3 Electrical Power Outlets – 16/3 SJTW Durable Blue Cable – Perfect for Hanging from Your Garage Ceiling


The 30Ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel by Iron Forge Cable is a convenient and versatile solution for providing electrical power in various settings. Here are the key features and specifications of this product:

Retractable Design:

This extension cord reel is automatically retractable, making it easy to extend and retract the cord as needed. This feature helps keep the cord neatly stored and prevents tangling.

Durable Strain Relief:

The cord is equipped with durable strain relief to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage to the cable.

Circuit Breaker Switch:

For added safety, the extension cord reel includes a circuit breaker switch. This feature allows you to quickly cut off power in case of an electrical overload or short circuit.

Mounting Bracket:

The product comes with a mounting bracket, making it easy to attach the retractable extension cord reel to your garage ceiling or any other suitable location. This ensures easy access to power whenever you need it.

Reinforced Blades:

The prongs on the plug have reinforced blades to protect them from bending or breaking during use.

Multiple Outlets:

This extension cord reel features three electrical power outlets in one unit, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously.


The flexible vinyl covering of the cord is water-resistant, providing protection against moisture, abrasion, and sunlight. This makes it suitable for outdoor use and various weather conditions.

Electrical Rating:

The cord is rated at 16 gauge, 3 wires, and can safely handle up to 10 amps, 125 volts, and 1250 watts. It is essential not to exceed these safety ratings to prevent electrical hazards.

Slip-Resistant Design:

The extension cord reel is designed to be slip-resistant, ensuring that it stays in place during use.

UL Listed: This product is UL listed, indicating that it meets safety and performance standards established by Underwriters Laboratories.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

Iron Forge Cable offers a lifetime replacement warranty for this extension cord reel. You can register online to take advantage of this warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to product quality and durability.

This retractable extension cord reel is a versatile and safe solution for providing power in your garage or other areas where an extension cord is needed. Its automatic retractable feature and built-in safety features make it a convenient and reliable choice.


  • AUTOMATICALLY RETRACTABLE for easy, efficient use. DURABLE STRAIN RELIEF for optimal performance. Includes CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITCH and 3 prong grounded plug for added safety.
  • INCLUDES MOUNTING BRACKET so you can easily attach the metal retractable extension cord reel to your garage ceiling or anywhere else. REINFORCED BLADES protect prongs from bending or breaking.
  • 3 OUTLETS IN 1 for simultaneous multiple use. WATER RESISTANT, flexible vinyl covering protects cords against moisture, abrasion and sunlight. SLIP RESISTANT DESIGN.
  • UL LISTED. This 16 gauge, 3 wire extension cord is rated for safe operation up to 10 AMP, 125 VOLTS, 1250 WATTS. Do not exceed these safety ratings.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY – Iron Forge Cable stands behind all of its extension cords 100%. Register online for a free lifetime warranty.

Package includes

  • 10 Amp, 125 V
  • 1250 Watts


  • Material: Vinyl, Iron
  • Color: Blue & Black
  • Style: Safety
  • Installation Type: Bracket Mount,Plug In


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