31.5″ Jersey Display Case Lockable Shadow Box Frame Football Baseball

31.5″ Jersey Display Case Lockable Shadow Box Frame Football Baseball


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Introducing the 31.5″ Jersey Display Case Lockable Shadow Box Frame, the perfect solution for showcasing and preserving your cherished sports memorabilia. Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic, a baseball aficionado, or a collector of prized jerseys, this display case offers a stylish and protective home for your sports treasures.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: MDF, Fir Wood, Acrylic
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.5” W x 31.5” L x 2.7” H
  • Hanger: 17.75” W
  • Gross Weight: 15 lbs
  • Package Size: 34” L x 26” W x 5.2” H
  • Net Weight: 10.12 lbs

Package includes:

  • 1x Jersey Display Case 

Elegance Meets Functionality:

The 31.5″ Jersey Display Case strikes the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. Its hardwood design not only provides a durable and protective frame for your memorabilia but also adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether you plan to display it in your living room, office, or man cave, this case will enhance the overall aesthetic.

Acrylic Door with Built-In Magnets:

To ensure that your sports memorabilia remains dust-free and pristine, this display case is equipped with an acrylic door. The transparent door allows you to showcase your jersey or other items while protecting them from environmental factors. Two built-in magnets secure the door in place, ensuring easy access when you want to admire your collection.

Lockable Latch for Added Security:

When it comes to preserving your valuable sports memorabilia, security is paramount. This display case features a lockable latch that provides an extra layer of protection. You can trust that your prized possessions are safe from unwanted handling, ensuring their longevity and value.

UV-Resistant for Preservation:

Harmful UV rays can cause fading and damage to your sports memorabilia over time. That’s why this display case is designed to be UV-resistant, safeguarding your jerseys, shirts, or other items from the sun’s harmful effects. Your collection will retain its vibrant colors and pristine condition for years to come.

Convenient Hanger and Brass Hooks:

Displaying your sports memorabilia has never been easier. The case includes an interior hanger and brass hooks on the back, allowing you to set up your display effortlessly. You can showcase your favorite jerseys or shirts right from the start, without the need for additional hardware or accessories.

Versatile Display Options:

While this display case is perfect for jerseys, it’s versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of sports memorabilia. Whether you want to showcase signed shirts, footballs, baseballs, or other collectibles, this case provides the ideal backdrop for displaying your sports passion.

Perfect for Any Indoor Wall:

The 31.5″ Jersey Display Case is designed to fit seamlessly into any indoor environment. Whether you want to create a dedicated sports memorabilia wall or add a touch of sports history to your existing decor, this case is ready to take its place as a conversation piece and a testament to your love for the game.

In conclusion, the 31.5″ Jersey Display Case Lockable Shadow Box Frame is the ultimate choice for sports enthusiasts and collectors who want to protect and display their valued memorabilia. With its combination of elegance, functionality, and security features, it ensures that your sports treasures remain in pristine condition while adding a touch of sports history to your space. Display your passion for the game with this exceptional display case.


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