43’’ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass Tabletop for Patio


Outdoor living spaces are meant to be inviting, comfortable, and stylish, and what better way to achieve this than with a stunning fire pit table? The 43’’ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass Tabletop is the perfect addition to your patio, lawn, poolside, or backyard. With its impressive design and exceptional performance, it will elevate your outdoor gatherings to a whole new level.


  • Color: black
  • Material: steel
  • Overall Dimension:  43 x 22 x 25’’ (L x W x H)
  • Max. Weight Capacity: tabletop:  110lb, bottom steel ring:  55lb
  • N.W.: 61.5lb
  • G.W.:  77.6lb

Package includes:

  • 1x  Fire pit table

Crafted for Style and Sophistication

This outdoor propane gas fire pit table is not just a functional piece; it’s a work of art. The handcrafted rattan wicker base adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor area. Its intricate design showcases the craftsmanship that went into creating this exquisite piece of outdoor furniture.

Mesmerizing Blue Fire Glass

One of the standout features of this fire pit table is the mesmerizing blue fire glass. As the flames dance and flicker, they reflect and refract through the glass, creating a captivating display that will enchant your guests. The blue fire glass adds a pop of color and style to your outdoor space, making it a focal point of any gathering.

Powerful Heating Performance

With a 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner, this fire pit table provides ample heat to keep you warm during chilly evenings and extend your outdoor gatherings into the night. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, enjoying drinks with friends, or simply unwinding after a long day, the warmth and ambiance of the fire will enhance the experience.

Easy Ignition and Adjustment

Say goodbye to the hassle of lighting a traditional wood-burning fire. This propane-powered fire pit table features an integrated ignition system that makes starting the fire a breeze. With a simple push of a button, you can ignite the flames and control the intensity with ease.

Sturdy and Durable Construction

Built to withstand the elements, this fire pit table is constructed with durability in mind. The stainless steel burner is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and performance. The black tempered glass tabletop not only complements the overall design but also provides a sturdy and functional surface.

Perfect for Various Outdoor Spaces

The 43’’ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is a versatile addition to any outdoor area. Whether you have a spacious patio, a cozy backyard, or a poolside retreat, this fire pit table will fit right in. It’s designed to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests.

A Gathering Place for All Seasons

While this fire pit table is a must-have for cool evenings, it’s not limited to any particular season. It can be the focal point of your outdoor gatherings year-round. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows in the summer or enjoying a hot beverage in the winter, this fire pit table provides the warmth and comfort you need.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Experience

Enhance your outdoor living experience with the 43’’ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass Tabletop. It’s more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a source of warmth, style, and entertainment. Elevate your outdoor gatherings and create lasting memories with this stunning fire pit table.

Order Yours Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your outdoor space into a welcoming oasis. Order the 43’’ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass Tabletop today and start enjoying cozy evenings, captivating flames, and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Make your outdoor living space truly inviting and stylish with this exceptional fire pit table.


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