12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp SILVER 3pleCoated Tent Boat Carport Cover

12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp SILVER 3pleCoated Tent Boat Carport Cover


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When it comes to safeguarding your outdoor possessions from the harsh elements, the 12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp in Silver-Grey is the ultimate solution. This exceptional tarp is more than just a cover; it’s a fortress of protection for your valuable belongings, offering unmatched durability and resilience against the forces of nature. Whether you need to shelter your car, boat, equipment, or outdoor furniture, this tarp’s heavy-duty construction and advanced features have you covered, quite literally. Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits that make this canopy tarp an indispensable asset for outdoor protection.

Unparalleled Durability: 12 Mil Thickness

Durability is the cornerstone of the 12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp. With a substantial 12 mil thickness, this tarp is engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions. It’s not just a mere sheet; it’s a robust shield designed to protect your outdoor assets from rain, wind, snow, and more. This thickness is a testament to its heavy-duty nature, ensuring that it can endure the rigors of outdoor life.

Built to Last: Triple-Coated Design

The secret to this tarp’s exceptional performance lies in its triple-coated design. It features a water-resistant polyethylene coating that provides three layers of protection. This coating not only repels water but also resists UV rays and mildew, ensuring that your tarp remains in prime condition, even when exposed to the elements. It’s a testament to the tarp’s longevity and ability to maintain its protective qualities over time.

Reinforced for Strength: Grommets and Hem

A canopy tarp is only as strong as its weakest point, which is why this tarp is meticulously reinforced for strength. It features aluminum grommets every 18 inches along its perimeter, ensuring secure and reliable anchoring. The grommets are not only plentiful but also rustproof, thanks to their brass-plated construction. The poly roping in the hem, which extends all around the tarp, adds an extra layer of durability and stability. Additionally, the corners are reinforced to withstand stress and strain, ensuring that your tarp remains intact in the face of adverse conditions.

Sun Protection and Reflection

The 12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp is not just about keeping the rain out; it also provides sun protection. Designed to reflect sunlight and prevent UV rays from penetrating, it safeguards your outdoor possessions from sun-related damage. This means your car won’t fade in the sun, your boat won’t suffer from sun-induced cracking, and your equipment won’t deteriorate prematurely. It’s all-weather protection at its finest.

Versatile and Practical

This canopy tarp’s versatility knows no bounds. Its ample size and heavy-duty construction make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to cover a car, boat, tent, or carport, this tarp has the dimensions and strength to do the job. It’s a practical and versatile solution for protecting your outdoor investments.

Resilience in All Conditions

Come rain or shine, the 12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp stands as a resilient shield against the elements. It’s water and mildew resistant, ensuring that moisture doesn’t compromise its integrity. Whether you’re facing a torrential downpour or enduring the harsh rays of the sun, this tarp remains steadfast in its mission to protect your outdoor assets.

In conclusion, the 12mil Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp in Silver-Grey is more than just a cover; it’s a testament to durability and protection. With its 12 mil thickness, triple-coated design, reinforced grommets and hem, and sun-reflective properties, it offers comprehensive protection for your outdoor possessions. Whether you’re safeguarding your car, boat, or any other valuable assets, this tarp is your reliable ally. It’s not just a tarp; it’s peace of mind, ensuring that your outdoor belongings remain safe and sound, regardless of the weather. Order now and secure the longevity of your outdoor investments.

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6\' x 10\', 6\' x 20\', 6\' x 30\', 7\' x 10\', 7\' x 20\', 8\' x 10\', 8\' x 20\', 10\' x 10\', 10\' x 12\', 10\' x 15\', 10\' x 16\', 10\' x 20\', 10\' x 30\', 10\' x 40\', 12\' x 12\', 12\' x 16\', 12\' x 20\', 12\' x 24\', 12\' x 30\', 12\' x 40\', 14\' x 20\', 14\' x 30\', 15\' x 20\', 15\' x 30\', 16\' x 20\', 18\' x 24\', 20\' x 20\', 20\' x 24\', 20\' x 30\', 20\' x 40\', 20\' x 60\', 24\' x 24\', 24\' x 30\', 24\' x 40\', 30\' x 30\', 30\' x 40\', 30\' x 60\'

Item Thickness

12 mil (360gr / 72\" x 1m fabric weight)

Custom Bundle




All sizes are Cut Sizes

Finished (hemmed) Size is 4\"-6\" shorter on each side

Grommet Material



Triple coated industrial polyethylene lamination



Grommet Spacing

Every 18\" along perimeter


37 sizes available in the drop-down menu

Water resistance

Water & mildew resistant / All weather protection

Modified Item


Suitable For

General cover tent fly,Camping groundsheet,Car port canopy cover,Boat canopy cover,Machinery cover,Lumber cover,Wind protector,Haystack cover,Privacy wall,Picnic mat,Equipment Cover,Outdoors,Pool Cover


12 mil (360gr / 72\" x 1m fabric weight)




Heavy Duty Premium Poly Tarpaulin

UV Protection

UV protected

Number in Pack


Yarn Weave

14 x 14 strands per inch


Water and mildew resistant,UV protected,All weather protection,Seamed for reinforced strength,Poly roping in hem all around,Reinforced corners for extra strength,Triple coated lamination,Not fire-retardant


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