Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack w / Bar Holder 882lb


Are you a gym owner or a fitness enthusiast looking to maintain an organized and clutter-free workout space? Look no further than the Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack with Bar Holder, a versatile and robust storage solution designed to streamline your gym setup. With a hefty weight capacity, convenient storage features, and durable construction, this rack is a game-changer for gym owners and fitness enthusiasts alike.


  • Color: black
  • Material: powder-coated steel
  • Overall dimensions: 62 x 67.5 x 138.5 cm / 24.5 x 27 x 54.5’’ (WxDxH)
  • Weight plate peg diameter: 5cm/2’’
  • Barbell bar holder diameter: 6cm/2.4’’
  • Tubular frame: 7x5cm/3×2”, 5x5cm/2×2” (LxW)
  • Max. load capacity: 400kg/882lb
  • G.W.: 15.6 kg / 34.3 lb

Package includes:

  • 1 x Weight Plate Rack
  • 1 x Assembly Instructions

Say Goodbye to Gym Clutter

Keeping your gym space organized is essential for a smooth and efficient workout experience. The Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack is here to help you achieve just that. This rack is the perfect addition to any gym, home gym, or workout area, providing a designated space for your weight plates and barbells.

Unparalleled Weight Capacity

One of the standout features of this storage rack is its impressive weight capacity of 882 pounds. This means you can safely store a substantial amount of weight plates without worrying about overloading the rack. Whether you have a diverse collection of plates or need to accommodate heavy bumper plates, this rack can handle the load with ease.

Efficient Weight Plate Storage

The Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack is equipped with weight plate holders that allow you to neatly store your plates. These holders help you keep different plate sizes organized and readily accessible, saving you time during your workouts. No more rummaging through piles of plates to find the right weight!

Barbell Bar Organization

In addition to weight plate storage, this rack features two barbell bar holders. These holders are strategically placed to secure your barbells when they’re not in use. This not only prevents your barbells from rolling around and causing accidents but also adds an extra layer of organization to your gym space.

Space-Saving Vertical Design

Space is often at a premium in home gyms and commercial fitness facilities. That’s where the vertical design of this storage rack comes in handy. By utilizing vertical space, this rack minimizes its footprint while maximizing its storage capacity. It’s a space-saving solution that allows you to optimize even small gym areas.

Built to Last

Durability is a top priority when it comes to gym equipment, and the Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack delivers on this front. Its heavy-duty construction ensures long-term use and resistance to wear and tear. The abrasion-resistant painting on the weight plate holders adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that this rack can withstand the demands of a busy gym environment.

A Must-Have Addition to Your Gym

Whether you’re a gym owner looking to enhance the organization of your facility or a fitness enthusiast dedicated to maintaining a clutter-free home gym, the Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack with Bar Holder is a must-have addition. It simplifies the storage of your weight plates and barbells, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your workouts.

Transform Your Gym Setup Today

Don’t let gym clutter hinder your fitness journey. Invest in the Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack and take the first step toward a more organized and efficient gym space. With its impressive weight capacity, smart storage features, and robust construction, this rack is designed to meet your gym storage needs for years to come.

Order Your Storage Rack Now

Experience the benefits of a well-organized gym space. Order the Bumper Plates Tree Stand Weight Storage Rack with Bar Holder today and enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more efficient workout environment. Streamline your gym setup and focus on achieving your fitness goals hassle-free!


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