DuroMax XP3130RV Generator RV Adapter 30A Male to 30A Female RV Adapter in Online


The DuroMax XP3130RV Generator RV Adapter is designed to enable RV owners to connect their RVs to portable generators efficiently. Here are some key details about this adapter:

Adapter Type:

This adapter is a 30 Amp RV adapter with a male NEMA L5-30P plug on one end and a female TT-30R receptacle on the other end.


The NEMA L5-30P plug is typically found on portable generators, while the TT-30R receptacle is commonly used on RVs.

This adapter allows you to connect your RV to your portable generator, effectively providing power to your RV when you’re not connected to a traditional power source.

Cord Specifications:

The cord is constructed using 10-gauge 3-wire STW (Service Thermoplastic Weather-resistant) cable, which is designed to withstand outdoor and weather conditions.

It is rated for 30 Amps and 120 volts, allowing it to handle the full 30 Amp output of your generator.


This adapter is ideal for RV owners who want to use their portable generators to power their RV appliances and equipment when camping or in situations where traditional power sources are unavailable.

RV Convenience:

By using this adapter, you can make your RV experience more convenient, ensuring you have access to power even when camping off-grid.

In summary, the DuroMax XP3130RV Generator RV Adapter is a 30 Amp adapter designed to connect your portable generator to your RV. It allows you to utilize the full 120-volt 30 Amp output of your generator, making it a valuable addition to your RV experience, especially when you need to power your RV appliances and equipment in remote locations or during power outages.


  • The NEMA NEMA L5-30P to TT-30R plug fits all standard 30 Amp RV’s.
  • Nylon lined prong slots and flip-up pull handle for easy unplugging.
  • 18 Cord allows heavy plug ends to lay on the ground preventing any panel damage.

Package includes:

  • DuroMax XP3130RV Heavy Duty 30 Amp RV Connector Cord
  • Owner’s Manual


  • Length : 2
  • Width : .7
  • Height : 2
  • Item Length : 2
  • Item Width : .7
  • Item Height : 2


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