Best GoGreen Power (GG-19608) 16/3 8’ 3 Outlet Extension Cord, White, 8 Ft Cord in Online


The “GoGreen Power (GG-19608) 16/3 8’ 3 Outlet Extension Cord” is a contractor-grade extension cord designed for various household and small appliance applications. Here are some key features and details about this extension cord:

16/3 SJT Cord:

This extension cord is constructed with a 16-gauge SJT (Service Junior Thermoplastic) cable, which is designed to handle the demands of everyday use. The SJT cord is known for its durability and flexibility.

Three Outlets:

The extension cord has a unique design with a three-outlet banana plug. This allows you to convert a single outlet into three, providing additional options for connecting multiple devices or appliances.

Compact Design:

The plug of this extension cord is designed to be thin and sit flush up against walls or baseboards. This feature makes it convenient to use in tight spaces where you want to maximize wall space.

8-Foot Cord Length:

This extension cord comes with an 8-foot long cord, making it suitable for powering small home appliances and household electronics within a reasonable distance from the power source.

Grounded for Safety:

The banana plug and the three power adaptor outlets are grounded for safety, ensuring that the extension cord provides a reliable and secure connection for your devices.

Indoor Use:

The extension cord is recommended for indoor use only. It is designed to handle a maximum load of 13 amps, 125 volts, and 1625 watts, which should be suitable for most household applications.

Safety Certification:

The extension cord is cUL listed, indicating that it meets safety and quality standards. This certification ensures that the product is safe to use in your home.

Manufacturing Origin:

The product is manufactured in both China and Vietnam.

Environmental Responsibility:

The product packaging encourages environmentally responsible practices and recycling. Instructions for recycling can be found on the packaging, and additional details are available on the GoGreen Power homepage.

In summary, the GoGreen Power extension cord is designed to provide a convenient and safe solution for expanding the number of outlets available for your household devices and appliances. Its compact design, grounded outlets, and safety certifications make it a practical choice for indoor use.


  • Extension Cord: The GoGreen Power (GG-19608) is a contractor grade 16/3 SJT extension cord. The plug easily converts 1 outlet into 3. The unique design of the plug is very thin and designed to sit flush up against any wall or baseboard.
  • 8 Foot Extension Cord: The powerful extension cord is 8 feet long. Fantastic for small home appliances and household electronics. The service cord attached to the unit is constructed of a 16-gauge SJT cable housed in a durable PVC insulation and jacket.
  • Triple Outlet Extension Cord: The heavy duty extension cord consists of a three outlet banana plug which is grounded for safety, giving it a sturdy build and making it easy and safe to use, along with three power adaptor outlets.
  • Outlet Extension Cable: The unit is recommended for indoor usage, with a maximum of 13 amps, 125 volts, 1625 watts. The cord has two power outlets on one side, and another one on the other side.
  • Size and Other Details: This 3 outlet banana plug is cUL listed and meets all industry standards. Go Green and follow the instructions located on the products package for recycling (visit the GoGreen Power homepage for additional details) Product manufactured in China and Vietnam

Package includes

  • 13 Amp, 125 V
  • 1625 Watts


  • Color: White
  • Connector Gender: Male-to-Female
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Input Current: 13 Amps


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