Iron Forge Cable Black Extension Cord 50 Ft Oil Resistant for Farms and Ranches – 12/3 SJTOW Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord with 3 Prong Plug for Safety, 15 AMP Power Cable for Heavy Appliances



The Iron Forge Cable Black Extension Cord you described is designed for heavy-duty outdoor use and is suitable for a variety of applications, particularly in farms and ranches. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

All-Purpose Extension Cord:

This 50-foot extension cord is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile for various applications. It is flexible and easy to unfold, suitable for powering lights, gardening equipment, lawnmowers, and more.

Blends Into Landscape:

The black color of the extension cord allows it to blend seamlessly with your outdoor surroundings, helping it remain inconspicuous. The durable vinyl covering not only provides a sleek appearance but also protects against moisture, corrosion, and bending. Additionally, it’s designed to resist tangling.

Durable Reinforced Blades:

The extension cord features nickel-coated and reinforced blades. These blades offer corrosion resistance and enhanced durability, ensuring a longer lifespan. The slip-resistant and strain relief design helps keep the cord secure and safe to use.

UL Listed:

This extension cord is UL listed, which means it meets safety and quality standards set by Underwriters Laboratories. It can handle a 15-amp current, 125 volts, and has a capacity of 1875 watts, making it suitable for powering heavy appliances and tools.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Iron Forge Cable is a U.S. veteran-owned business that stands behind its product. They offer a satisfaction guarantee, and if any issues arise with the extension cord, they promise to replace it with a new one.

In summary, the Iron Forge Cable Black Extension Cord is a durable and reliable option for outdoor and heavy-duty applications. Its blendable design, reinforced blades, and UL listing make it a suitable choice for powering various devices and equipment in farm and ranch settings.


  • ALL-PURPOSE EXTENSION CORD: Indoor or outdoor, this high-quality vinyl-covered 50 ft black extension cord is flexible and easy to unfold. Perfect for lights, gardens, lawnmowers, and more.
  • BLENDS INTO LANDSCAPE: The 50′ black extension cord blends smoothly with your outdoor decor. Its durable vinyl covering protects against moisture, corrosion, & bending, remaining tangle-free.
  • DURABLE REINFORCED BLADES: This SJTOW 50 ft outdoor extension cord features nickel-coated, reinforced blades for corrosion resistance & durability. It has Slip-resistant & strain relief design.
  • UL LISTED: This heavy duty black 50 ft outdoor extension cords is UL listed, providing safe and reliable power with 1 wire, it offers a 15 amp, 125 volt, and 1875 watt capacity to power your devices.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: US Veteran Owned – Iron Forge Cable, a U.S. veteran-owned business, stands behind its 15 amp extension cord. If any issues arise, we’ll replace it with a new one.

Package includes

  • 15 Amp, 125 V
  • 1875 Watts


  • Color: Black
  • Connector Gender: Male-to-Female
  • Voltage: 125 Volts
  • Input Current: 15 Amps


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