Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill Stainless Steel Fordable Backyard Cooker Silver


Summertime is synonymous with outdoor gatherings, and what better way to bring friends and family together than with a sizzling barbecue feast? The Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill, with its stainless steel construction and thoughtful design, is the ideal companion for your backyard cookouts. Let’s dive into the features and benefits that make this grill a must-have for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum
  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Weight Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 28.5″ L x 13″ W x 28″ H
  • Folded Dimensions: 28.5″ L x 13″ W x 6.5″ H
  • Leg Diameter: 0.7″ Diameter (19mm)
  • Small Mesh Grill Size: 10″ L x 12″ W
  • Large Mesh Grill Size: 17.5″ L x 12″ W
  • Net Weight: 7.7 lbs

Package includes:

  • 1 x BBQ Tong, 
  • 1 x Large Mesh Grill, 
  • 2 x Small Mesh Grills

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

When it comes to outdoor grills, durability is paramount. The Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill is crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and provide years of reliable performance. This means you can enjoy countless barbecues without worrying about corrosion or wear and tear.

Portable and Foldable Design

One of the standout features of this grill is its portability. Whether you’re planning a backyard cookout, a picnic in the park, or a camping adventure, this grill’s foldable leg design makes it incredibly easy to transport. Gone are the days of lugging around a bulky grill. With the Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill, you can take your barbecue skills on the road with ease.

Precise Temperature Control

Achieving the perfect grill marks and flavor is all about temperature control. This grill features double air vents on both ends, allowing you to fine-tune the heat to your liking. Whether you’re searing steaks, slow-roasting ribs, or grilling veggies, you’ll have the flexibility to create culinary masterpieces that will impress your guests.

Convenient Side Tables

Grilling often involves a fair amount of prep work, from seasoning your meats to chopping up veggies. The Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill makes this process a breeze with its fold-down side tables. These tables provide ample space for food prep, keeping all your essentials within arm’s reach. When not in use, simply fold them down for compact storage.

Complete Grilling Set

To make your grilling experience even more enjoyable, this grill set includes essential accessories. You’ll find tongs and small and large wire mesh panels included. These accessories ensure that you have the tools you need to grill, flip, and plate your culinary creations with ease.

Versatile Outdoor Cooking

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, setting up by the poolside, picnicking in the park, or embarking on a camping trip, the Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill is your go-to cooking companion. Its versatility knows no bounds, and its sleek silver design complements any outdoor setting.

In conclusion, the Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill in stainless steel is more than just a grill; it’s an investment in outdoor cooking excellence. With its durable construction, portability, precise temperature control, convenient side tables, and included grilling accessories, this grill offers everything you need to become the grill master of your outdoor gatherings. Upgrade your outdoor cooking game with the Outsunny 29″ BBQ Charcoal Grill and start creating unforgettable barbecue moments with friends and family.


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