Premium Electric Dehumidifier 2200 Cubic Feet w/ 52oz Capacity


High humidity can lead to a range of issues in your home, from discomfort to potential damage to your belongings. Our Premium Electric Dehumidifier, designed for spaces up to 2200 cubic feet (220 sq ft), is your solution to creating a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment. With a large 52-ounce capacity water tank, energy-efficient operation, and advanced Peltier Technology, this dehumidifier is a game-changer for homes, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and more.

Package includes:

  • 1x Dehumidifier 
  • 1x User Manual


  • Item Depth: 8.78 in
  • Item Height: 12.13 in    
  • Item Width: 6.22 in
  • Tank Capacity: 52 Oz    
  • Type: Tabletop
  • Timer Control: Timer less
  • Color: Gray    
  • MPN: PB-13    
  • Power: 40 W
  • Item Weight: 4.4 lbs    
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year    
  • Voltage: 240 V

Efficient Moisture Removal:

One of the standout features of our Premium Electric Dehumidifier is its exceptional moisture removal capability. It can extract up to 18 ounces of water per day, effectively reducing humidity levels in your living spaces. Say goodbye to that sticky, uncomfortable feeling caused by high humidity.

Large 52-Ounce Capacity:

Worrying about constantly emptying the water tank is a thing of the past. Our dehumidifier boasts a generously sized 52-ounce capacity water tank, meaning fewer interruptions to your daily routine. When the tank reaches its maximum capacity, the unit features an Auto-Off function and an LED indicator to alert you, ensuring that maintenance is hassle-free.

Energy-Efficient Operation:

Save on your energy bills without compromising on performance. Our Premium Electric Dehumidifier is designed to be energy-efficient, using up to 45% less energy per hour compared to similar models. This not only benefits your wallet but also reduces your environmental footprint, making it a sustainable choice for homeowners.

Ultra-Quiet Peltier Technology:

Enjoy peace and tranquility in your home, as our dehumidifier operates with ultra-quiet Peltier Technology. This advanced thermo-electric cooling system minimizes noise levels, allowing you to run the dehumidifier in bedrooms, offices, or any other living space without causing disruption.

Compact, Portable, and Lightweight:

Designed with convenience in mind, our Premium Electric Dehumidifier is compact and portable, making it easy to move from room to room. Its lightweight construction ensures that it can be effortlessly carried wherever excess moisture is a concern. Whether you need to dehumidify your basement, kitchen, bathroom, or garage, this unit has you covered.

Versatile Use in Various Settings:

Our dehumidifier is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Use it in your home, office, caravan, or any other indoor space where humidity control is essential. It’s particularly beneficial for protecting valuable items in gun safes, preventing mold growth, and maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Ideal Operating Conditions:

For optimal performance, our dehumidifier is recommended for use in temperatures above 59°F. This ensures that it operates efficiently and effectively, providing you with the best results in moisture removal.

In summary, our Premium Electric Dehumidifier is the ultimate solution to create a comfortable and moisture-free living environment. With its efficient moisture removal, large capacity water tank, energy-efficient operation, ultra-quiet Peltier Technology, compact and portable design, and versatile use, it’s the perfect addition to any home. Say goodbye to the discomfort and potential damage caused by high humidity levels, and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable living space. Trust in the performance and convenience of our dehumidifier, and experience the benefits for yourself.


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