Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan from SnS Grills


Grilling enthusiasts know that achieving that perfect sear, maintaining consistent heat, and keeping the grill clean are essential components of a successful barbecue session. The Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan from SnS Grills is designed to make your grilling experience even better. This versatile and convenient accessory is tailored for the charcoal grate of your 22″ to 26″ kettles or Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, offering a range of benefits that will elevate your grilling game. Let’s explore the features that set this grill pan apart:


  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.79 pounds

Package includes:

  •  1x Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan

Tailored for Round Kettle-Style Grills

The Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan is specifically designed to fit perfectly in round, kettle-style grills with a diameter of 22 inches or larger. Whether you own a classic kettle grill or a Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, this grill pan is compatible and ready to enhance your grilling experience. Its contoured shape ensures that it rests snugly within the grill, making it an indispensable tool for any barbecue enthusiast.

Dual-Purpose Drip Pan and Roasting Pan

This grill pan is more than just a drip pan; it’s a versatile tool that can serve multiple purposes during your grilling sessions. While it excels at collecting drippings and preventing flare-ups by fitting directly under your grates, it can also be used as a roasting pan when placed indirectly over the coals. The pan’s dark color is perfect for achieving a beautiful brown sear on roasted foods, adding a delightful caramelized flavor to your dishes.

Easy Access Handles

Convenience is a top priority when it comes to grilling accessories, and the Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan delivers. It features easy access handles that make it a breeze to place the pan in and take it out of your grill. No more struggling with awkward positioning or the need for additional tools. These handles ensure that you have full control, allowing you to focus on the cooking process.

Cleaner Grilling Experience

Keeping your grill clean is essential for both safety and the quality of your barbecue. The Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan comes equipped with raised edges that serve a dual purpose. First, they help to keep all your food and drippings securely in the pan, preventing mess and flare-ups. Second, they protect your grill by eliminating the need for messy and wasteful aluminum foil. With this grill pan, you can enjoy a cleaner and more efficient grilling experience.

Durable Porcelain Coating

Durability and longevity are key factors when choosing grilling accessories, and the Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan is built to last. It features a porcelain coating that not only resists rust and corrosion but also adds an appealing aesthetic to your grill setup. This coating ensures that your grill pan maintains its quality and appearance, even after countless barbecue sessions.

In conclusion, the Slow ‘N Sear Drip ‘N Roast Porcelain Grill Pan is a valuable addition to your grilling arsenal. Whether you’re using it as a drip pan to collect flavorful juices or as a roasting pan for achieving that perfect sear, this grill pan offers versatility and convenience. Its easy access handles, cleaner grilling experience, and durable porcelain coating make it a must-have for any grilling enthusiast. Elevate your barbecue game and enjoy the benefits of this versatile grill pan during your next outdoor cooking adventure!


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