Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy Leather Oil Removing Pad


Bowling enthusiasts understand the importance of maintaining their equipment, and when it comes to keeping your bowling ball in top condition, the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy Leather Oil Removing Pad is a game-changer. This deluxe shammy is not just an ordinary cleaning cloth; it’s a comprehensive solution for preserving your bowling ball’s performance, shot after shot and game after game.

Package includes: 

  • 1 x Storm Bowling deluxe shammy 
  • Instructions 

Unveiling the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy

The Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy Leather Oil Removing Pad takes the traditional shammy to a whole new level. It’s designed with innovative features and premium materials to ensure that your bowling ball remains in pristine condition, giving you the edge you need to excel on the lanes.

Dual-Sided Design for Versatility

What sets the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy apart is its dual-sided design, each serving a distinct purpose. The grey side is perfect for quick cleaning between shots. When you’re in the heat of competition, you don’t have time to waste. A few swipes with the grey side, and your ball is ready for the next roll.

But the deluxe shammy doesn’t stop there. The brown side is your secret weapon for deeper cleaning at the end of your session. It’s all about maintaining your ball’s peak performance over the long haul. The brown side goes to work, removing accumulated oil, dirt, and grime that can impact your ball’s hook potential and overall performance.

Premium Craftsmanship with Deluxe Overlock Stitching

Durability is a hallmark of the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy. It’s built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring that it remains a reliable part of your bowling gear for a long time. The deluxe overlock stitching adds strength to the shammy, preventing fraying and ensuring that it maintains its integrity even after countless cleaning sessions.

Fine Dual Leathers for Exceptional Cleaning

At the heart of the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy are fine dual leathers that deliver exceptional cleaning power. These leathers are specially chosen for their ability to efficiently absorb and remove oil from your bowling ball’s surface. This oil removal is crucial for maintaining the ball’s reaction on the lane and preventing it from becoming saturated with lane conditioner.

The Functionality of a Mitt

One of the standout features of the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy is its mitt-like functionality. Slip your hand into the shammy, and you have a convenient and effective tool for cleaning your bowling ball. This mitt design allows you to exert just the right amount of pressure while cleaning, ensuring thorough and consistent results.

Elevate Your Bowling Game with the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy Leather Oil Removing Pad

In the world of bowling, every advantage counts. The Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy Leather Oil Removing Pad is your ticket to maintaining the optimal performance of your bowling ball. Its dual-sided design, premium craftsmanship, fine dual leathers, and mitt-like functionality make it a must-have accessory for any serious bowler.

Don’t settle for subpar cleaning solutions that leave your bowling ball underperforming. Invest in the Storm Bowling Deluxe Shammy and experience the difference it can make in your game. From quick cleanups between shots to deep-cleaning sessions, this deluxe shammy from Storm Bowling is the ultimate companion for every bowler striving for excellence on the lanes.


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