DuroMax XPLGC Large Weather Resistant Dust Guard Portable Generator Cover in Online


The DuroMax XPLGC Large Weather Resistant Dust Guard Portable Generator Cover is designed to protect your portable generator from the elements and keep it clean and dust-free when it’s not in use. Here are some key features and details about this generator cover:

Size and Compatibility:

The cover is designed to fit large portable generators, providing a snug and secure fit to protect your generator effectively.

It is compatible with various DuroMax portable generator models and other generators with similar dimensions.

Weather Resistance:

The cover is constructed with weather-resistant material that helps protect your generator from rain, snow, UV rays, and other outdoor elements.

It keeps your generator dry and prevents moisture from seeping inside, which can damage the generator components.

Dust and Debris Protection:

In addition to weather protection, the cover also serves as a dust guard, keeping dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating on the generator’s surface.

This helps maintain the cleanliness of your generator and ensures it runs smoothly when needed.

Elastic Cord:

The cover features an elastic cord at the bottom, which allows for a secure and snug fit around the generator.

This cord helps prevent the cover from blowing away in windy conditions.


The generator cover is designed for easy installation and removal, making it convenient to use whenever you need to protect your generator.

It folds compactly for storage when not in use.


The cover is typically made from durable and tear-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting protection for your generator.


It often features the DuroMax logo, indicating that it is specifically designed for DuroMax generators, but it can also fit other compatible generators.

In summary, the DuroMax XPLGC Large Weather Resistant Dust Guard Portable Generator Cover is a protective cover designed to fit large portable generators, providing protection against adverse weather conditions, dust, and debris. It helps keep your generator clean and in good working condition, ensuring it’s ready to use when you need it. This cover is a valuable accessory for maintaining the longevity and performance of your portable generator.


  • Custom fits Duromax and Durostar generators including the following models: XP4000S, XP4400E, XP4400EH, XP4500DX, XP4850EH, XP4850HX, XP5000EHC, XP5250EH, XP5500E, XP5500X, XP5500EH, XP5500DX, and XP5500HX
  • Will fit generators with or without handles and wheel kit.
  • Nylon outside, moisture barrier on the inside.
  • Dimensions: 26 in L x 18 in W x 17.5 in H
  • DuroMax logo printed on front

Package includes :

  • Generator Cover
  • Owner’s Manual


  • Power Source : Diesel
  • Type : Portable
  • Model : XPSGC


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