Best DuroMax XPC12100C 100-Foot 12 Gauge Triple Tap Extension Power Cord in Online


The DuroMax XPC12100C is a 100-foot extension power cord designed for a variety of applications. Here are some key features and information about this power cord:

Length and Gauge:

This extension cord is 100 feet long and constructed with a 12-gauge wire. The use of 12-gauge wire indicates that it can handle moderate electrical loads, making it suitable for a range of appliances and equipment, both indoors and outdoors.

Heavy-Duty Connectors and Construction:

DuroMax emphasizes the use of heavy-duty connectors and construction in this power cord, ensuring its durability and reliability. This design makes it a reliable choice for users who need a rugged extension cord.

UL Rated:

The power cord is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rated for safe operation. UL certification is a mark of safety and quality, indicating that the cord has undergone testing and meets safety standards for electrical use.

True Rated Power:

The cord is designed to deliver its rated power accurately, ensuring it can handle the electrical load it is intended for without issues or overheating.

Lighted Ends:

The power cord features lighted ends with indicator lights. These lights serve the dual purpose of making it easy for users to identify when the cord is plugged into a power source and providing a visual confirmation of a secure connection.

Durable Jacket:

The cord is encased in a heavy-duty and durable jacket. This jacket provides insulation and protection against the wear and tear of job-site use. It also resists moisture, abrasion, and harmful UV rays, enhancing the cord’s longevity.

Versatile Use:

This power cord is versatile and can be used for various applications, including plugging into generators, powering power tools, and general household use. Its durable construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Outperforms the Competition:

DuroMax positions its power cords as designed to outperform other extension cords on the market, emphasizing their quality and reliability.

When using extension cords, it’s crucial to choose the right gauge and length for your intended application to avoid overloading the cord and potential safety hazards. Always follow safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations when using electrical equipment and extension cords.


  • Heavy Duty DuroMax Power Cord is Outdoor rated for safe use on the jobsite or in the yard.
  • Bright Yellow Jacket allows for high-visibility to help prevent accidental cutting and damage.
  • Reinforced blades minimize bending of prongs and reduces breakage.
  • Lighted ends allows the user to confirm when power is supplied to cord.
  • Heavy duty PVC jacket resists moisture, abrasion and temperature.
  • Grounded plugs allows for safe operation.

Package includes:

  • 100-Foot 12 Gauge Triple Tap Extension Power Cord
  • Owner’s Manual


  • Type : Extension Cord
  • Color : Yellow
  • Number of Outlets : 3


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